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Updated January 2018

Laboratory of Interfacial & Small Scale Transport {LIS2T}

Research Openings for Caltech Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers
The Laboratory of Interfacial & Small Scale Transport {LIS2T} at the California Institute of Technology is announcing multiple research openings for Postdoctoral Associates and Caltech Graduate and Undergraduate Research Assistants in the general area of Micro/Nanoscale Interfacial Transport Phenomena. Preference will be given to students and postdoctoral associates with a strong background in Physics, Applied Physics or Applied Mathematics. Positions will remain open until filled. We are seeking highly motivated and creative individuals with interests in the following topical areas:
Experimentalists - Multiple immediate openings Computational Scientist - Immediate opening for joint colloboration with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA. Restricted to US citizens. Theorists, Computational Scientists and Numerical Analysts - Multiple immediate openings General Requirements

Applicants must provide evidence of strong academic performance, excellent writing and communication skills, and a commitment to work on scientifically challenging problems. Positions described above provide an opportunity for working closely with the Principal Investigator and research collaborators to develop advanced problem solving skills in an environment which fosters creativity, depth and breadth. Candidates will enjoy access to modern laboratory facilities and instrumentation.